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Intuitive Reiki Session - 90 minutes

Session time: 90 minutes
This longer session includes a 5 minute sound bath healing at the end of the session. It allows us to get deeper into the subconscious to heal on a soul level.

This 90-minute session is perfect for:
*New clients or anyone who hasn't had a Reiki session before
*Those who are searching for more relaxation
*Anyone who is currently going through a stressful situation 
and needs a nervous system reset
Head over to the book a session page reiki – nourish + co inc ( or our scheduling app to reserve your appointment!
We look forward to helping you take good care!
During this non invasive session the goal is to relax, get into a meditative state and potentially fall asleep so you can be open to letting reiki do its work! Universal Life Force energy is used to clear, heal & align the energy centers of the body (chakras). Sacred moon charged crystals and aromatherapy are also used to aid in  restoring & recharging your energetic body.  We will address any energy chakras that seem stagnant and we'll discuss if any messages, physical sensations, visions or souls that have passed over have
joined our session. 

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