Kristin Nilsen is a Usui Reiki Master Teacher currently practicing at her new wellness studio + workshop space, the Violet Flame Collective. She likes to say she’s living version 4.0 on her life path which proves that’s it’s never too late to follow your heart or to change the trajectory of your life! Former versions include Professional Chef - Corporate Recruiter - Skincare Entrepreneur & now her most soul aligned role, Reiki Master! 
Sessions with Kristin are warm, inviting, safe & non judgmental. Her goal is to make you feel comfortable while offering healing tips that are tailored to your personal chakra map and levels. Her sessions are unique, using crystal healing & aromatherapy while also being a conduit for messages from your highest self and loved ones that have crossed over. The discussion after the hands on portion of the session have proven to be even more healing for her clients. Clients feel lighter, have more clarity and walk away feeling balanced and at peace. Check our the Testimonials page to hear what her clients are saying about their sessions!
These experiences have sparked a new passion and offering that Kristin calls 'Soul Coaching'. Coaching sessions are now available and will include a brief reiki session. The majority of the session will be dedicated to digging into your fears, desires & challenges so you can live a more soulful & mindful existence. Think of these coaching sessions as your standing meetings with a non biased friend who wants to help you live your best aligned life!
We’re now accepting new coaching session clients!
Check out the Soul Coaching page for more info & to apply!
A forever student, Kristin is constantly discovering new ways to make her sessions more fruitful for her clients. Whether it's creating new recipes to unblock the chakras (a nod to her former life as a LeCordon Bleu classically trained Chef), making the connection between chakras & the physical body or communicating with your loved ones who have crossed over, you will receive all of the information you may need in each particular session.
Kristin lives on her sun & Neptune lines (Bandon, OR) which unleashes her creativity & spiritual gifts while enhancing her psychic abilities.  She lives with her husband and cat/child Buddy and enjoys cooking/entertaining, hiking, beach meditations and making her surroundings beautiful. 
Thank you for being here. Take good care!
Complimentary discovery calls are available to see if you + Kristin would be an energetic match!