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ritual bath salts


We believe in making bath time is an important and relaxing gift you can give to yourself. Make it an experience and something you look forward to. Creating rituals around new and full moons will help you release what's no longer serving you so you can fully step into the magical being you came here to be! These ritual bath salts take that sentiment to the next level with Australian Fragonia oil. 

Referred to as the magic oil, Fragonia helps the body, mind and spirit restore balance. It is said to be quite a unique oil as it's composition is near perfect. This oil has been shown to help people who use it make peace within themselves. It supports you so that you feel a heightened sense of harmony, peace and emotional balance.

This is a must have for your zen tool kit!



epsom salt (Magnesium sulfate)

himalayan sea salt (pink halite)

sea salt (sodium chloride)

rose petals (Rosa Centifolia)

orange (orange (Citrus sinensis): cleanses negative energy & produces positive vibrations in your auric field and home/space

hyssop (Hyssopus officinalis): Ancient Egyptian plant used to cleanse sacred spaces and offer protection and purification

fragonia (Agonis fragrans)

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