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After 2.5 years of practicing as a Reiki Master, Kristin has been called to share this universal healing with others! Reiki 1 classes are now being scheduled and we'd love to share energy with you in this way!

Reiki 1 opens the doors to self healing and will enable you to give yourself Reiki! Once this class is complete, you will have an understanding of reiki & it's history. You will receive an attunement & certificate which will enable you to give yourself reiki at any time. Once you have this initial framework & foundation, you will have access to the powers of reiki forever.

There is an brief application + interview process involved. Just like when finding a therapist or medical professional, it's important to make sure we are an energetic match. Thank you! :)


Please apply here:


*This listing is for the 30-minute application & interview process to be a Reiki student with Kristin Nilsen. During the 30 minute interview, I will inquire about your intentions with Reiki and discuss your journey that has led you here. If we discover it isn't a fit, alternate resources will be provided to ensure you will be able to move forward. This is solely to protect both of our energies and is nothing personal. 

*Private classes are held at the Studio in Bandon OR. Classes are either 1:1 or in groups of up to 5 people. Zoom classes are also available for groups under 10. 

*Direct questions to:

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