nourish + co inc

Intuitive Reiki Session + Chakra Nutrition Consultation

This 90-minute offering includes:
-Reiki energy healing session
-Chakra clearing & balancing using crystals, aromatherapy & Emotion Code as needed
-Chakra nutrition consultation* Each chakra has super foods associated with them that aid in balancing & alignment. We will discuss which chakras of yours could use support based on our session and which foods & mindfulness
practices would support alignment. 
-You will also receive a Recipe Book to keep! It includes a deep dive into the 7 main chakras, grocery lists for each chakra, a mindfulness journaling section with prompts, smoothie recipes as well as recipes that include all of the chakras!  

*Kristin is not a nutritionist but a French trained Chef and Le Cordon Bleu graduate. She LOVES food and eating mindfully to align her energy. After years of studying how food directly affects the energetic body, she wholeheartedly believes this work can change lives! You're in good hands! 


 BUY 3 GET 1 FREE IF YOU PURCHASE A BUNDLE! (These make great gifts!)
Head over to our book a session page book a session – nourish + co inc ( or to our scheduling app to reserve your appointment!

*If this work excites you, we invite you to check out our new series - Cooking for your Energetic Body - Zoom Chakra Cooking Classes!
New class schedule for 2023 is still to be determined.

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